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Star Systems is a national talent competition, focusing on dance and the performing arts. The competition promotes excellence by providing the finest venues, staff, and opportunities for dancers to use and showcase their talent to the fullest.
Our goal is to host and provide an unforgettable experience for our dancers, studio owners, choreographers, and their families. We provide a platform and inclusive community.  As a competition and unified staff, we are committed and constantly striving to cultivate an environment of joy, of celebration and of unity.  Our main motive is to provide meaningful experiences and create memories that will last a lifetime.
Our staff members are carefully selected, well rounded individuals that are a true reflection of our company. People who are loyal, who create and most importantly inspire. Most, if not all, staff members have a background in the performing arts. We constantly try to be great role models, leaders, movers and shakers. We inspire and encourage all dancers to do their best, and never compare themselves to others. It is important to all of us, that each child looks back on their competition experience at Star Systems as a motivational and uplifting event.
Star Systems has been a catalyst in the dance competition industry for the past 35 years. We are comprised of pioneers,  visionaries, and leaders who are seeking to provide and continually create moments for clients and beyond. We have a cultivated space to educate, to provide meaningful feedback  and to celebrate the tremendous work dance studios put in to create opportunities for their dancers. At Star Systems it is not about the trophy, it’s about uplifting and celebrating the next generation of dance.
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At Star Systems Talent, we strive to make navigating the world of national and regional dance competitions as easy as possible.

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    If you have any problems with online registration or questions please contact our office at 336-993-9073.

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    You will create your student roster online with their birth date and level, if you have any problems or questions with your roster please contact our office at 336-993-9073

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    If you have any problem paying online on your account, please contact our office at 336-993-9073.

  • Rules & Guidelines

    For Star Systems Talent’s complete list of competition Rules and Guidelines.