Are you packing up the car to head to a regional dance competition? Before you leave, make sure your dance bag is packed with all of the essentials. As we get closer to the start of competition season, consider adding these thirteen important items to your dance tote:

13 Items To Have In Your Dance Bag

  1. Full water bottle: The last thing you want to happen when you get to a dance competition is realize you forgot your water bottle and are not nearby a drinking fountain. Sharing water with your teammates is a good way to spread sickness, which you definitely cannot afford in the middle of competition season. Avoid any issues by keeping a full water bottle on hand.
  2. Extra tights: We all know how easily tights can tear. Whether they snag on the floor during warmups, you accidentally catch the heel of your dance shoes on them, or they get caught on the zipper of your dance bag as you pull them out, a small run in tights can easily turn into a gaping hole. Because presentation is very important during a dance competition, carry a backup pair of tights for you or your teammate to use in an emergency.
  3. Dance shoes: Of course, you cannot perform without your dance shoes. We recommend keeping your dance shoes in drawstring shoe bag inside of your dance tote. This will prevent them from dirtying light-colored tights and costumes, as well as prevent any of those aforementioned snags on your tights.
  4. Vital hair products: At the very least, your dance bag should contain hairspray, ponytails, bobby pins, and a brush. Even if your hair stays perfectly in place throughout the day of the dance competition, you are likely to run into other dancers panicking as they try to find a ponytail. Be the hero they all need!
  5. Deodorant and perfume/body spray: A full-day dance competition is hard work, and even the most graceful dancers can get a little bit stinky toward the middle of the day. Because you will spend time in close quarters with so many new people, you will want to smell your best. Keep deodorant and your favorite body spray or perfume in your bag with you.
  6. Makeup for touch-ups: Just in case a blemish pops up at the last minute or your entire team decides they should have bright red lips for the performance, having a touch-up makeup kit in your bag can be a lifesaver right before you hit the stage.
  7. A compact mirror: You never realize how vital a compact mirror is until you need one and don’t have one. Whether you get an eyelash in your eye or need to make sure your hair is secure before you hit the stage, a compact mirror will definitely come in handy.
  8. Hand sanitizer: Germs can spread quickly around a dance competition as you will have young dancers from all over the country in one room. Carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer and passing out squirts like they’re candy can help keep everyone in the building healthier during competition season.
  9. Small first aid kit: First aid kit will have everything you need to handle the unexpected. Whether you get a small cut or a painful blister pops up on your feet, having access to band-aids and antiseptic wipes will be invaluable.
  10. Protein bars and healthy snacks: Having something to snack on can help you make it through a dance competition feeling good and performing your best. Be sure to pack a variety of snacks. These can include fresh fruit, protein bars, pretzels, and even your favorite candy bar to give you a little pick-me-up during the day.
  11. Notebook and a pen: You never know when you might need to write something down or give out your contact information to industry professionals. While it may seem old school in the age of smartphones, you really cannot underestimate the value of having paper and something to write with when you’re in a pinch.
  12. Sewing kit: Costumes can break in transport or get caught on something and tear when you least expect. Even if you aren’t an expert at using a needle and thread, having a sewing kit on hand will give you an option when a last-minute wardrobe malfunction strikes.
  13. Phone, headphones, and games: Sometimes a weekend-long dance competition has a lot of downtime while waiting for your time slot or waiting for the final results. Make sure to bring something to entertain yourself with. Whether that’s your phone and a Netflix app or a deck of cards, having something to pass the time can make the days more enjoyable.
Are You Ready To Dance? Pack Your Bag And Join Us At One Of Our Dance Competitions!

Are You Ready For A Dance Competition?

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