Many people consider dance to be something that we do as a hobby when we are young, but there are multiple career options for those who are passionate about pursuing a life as a dancer. As a leading dance competition company, much of our staff are former dancers themselves. When watching young performers take the stage at regional and national dance competitions, many parents and dancers alike wonder what their future careers hold. Unfortunately, we live in a time where dancers are told to choose a “sensible” career path. However, we’d like to say that dance is a sensible career path!

Sure, there is a lot of competition for careers like Beyonce’s backup dancer or a Broadway choreographer, but those aren’t the only options. When pursuing a career in dance, having a resume of participation in dance competitions goes a long way, so if you or your child are thinking about trying to “make it” in the dance world, be sure to check out our list of upcoming regional dance competitions across the US.

Dance-Related Career Options

Professional Dancer: We’ll start with the most obvious, and perhaps the career that many young dancers dream of. As a professional dancer, you can perform in acrobatic shows like Cirque Du Soleil, as a backup dancer for musical artists or for Broadway shows, or for traveling ballets and touring dance groups.

Choreographer: Whenever you see a music video, Broadway musical, dance scenes in TV shows or movies, or any other sort of organized dance, there is always a skilled choreographer behind it.

Dance Teacher: Dance teachers have most likely played a huge role in your life, and there will always be a need for teachers so long as there are young girls and boys with a passion for dance. As a dance teacher, you can work anywhere from a locally-owned dance studio to Juilliard.

Dance Studio Owner: Of course, if you want to be on the business side of things, transitioning from a dance teacher to your own studio owner can be a wonderful lifelong career. As a studio owner, you have the option to continue to grow and hire more instructors and reach more students.

Fitness Instructor: Dance fitness is a hugely popular exercise option for people who love to have fun. You can teach Zumba or hip hop classes that are designed to get people’s heart rates up and help them stay active.

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Wedding Planner: Most dancers have an eye for showmanship and coordination, and a career as a wedding planner can incorporate the skills you learned as a dancer. Plus, a wedding planner with a background in dance can offer dance lessons to couples who may have two left feet, making you even more marketable.

Costume Designer: As a dancer, you have probably performed in a number of different costumes. This gives you an advantage as you know how each type and cut of costume can affect the body’s movement, and how it will look in motion. Pursuing a degree in fashion design and working for a dance company can allow you to still stay in the field.

Dance Therapist: Dance therapy, or dance movement therapy (DMT) is a widely studied type of therapy designed to improve and support intellectual, emotional, and physical aspects of the mind and body. This important role can help those who have mental and physical health conditions express themselves and experience therapeutic healing.

Dance Medicine Specialist: Most people have heard of “sports medicine” as a career – someone who majors in sports medicine in college is often on the sidelines at football games, supporting the athletes and helping to prevent and treat injuries. However, dance medicine is an important aspect of sports medicine and kinesiology that is specifically geared towards treating injuries that dancers may face, in a way that can rehabilitate them and keep them moving.

Grant Writing For The Arts: Even if you do not pursue a career as a professional dancer, most likely you are still passionate about dance and the performing arts. However, arts organizations rely on grant writers to seek out funding for programs to keep them running.

Arts Administration And Management: Dance companies, seasonal festivals, theaters, agencies, and other performing arts businesses often need business-minded people who are passionate about the arts in administrative and management roles. These key members can help to organize and book performances, manage finances, write press releases, and market their businesses. This type of role can help you provide more opportunities to partake in the arts to local communities.

Participate In Dance Competitions To Get Your Foot In The Door

At our dance competitions, you have the ability to make connections with other dancers and professionals in the dance industry, and to learn more about potential career paths by chatting and networking with others around you.

To learn more about our US dance competitions from Star Systems Talent, feel free to contact us. Or, to register, look at our list of dance competitions 2018!