When packing up for your child’s first dance competition, you might not know what to expect. There are a lot of rules and regulations and it can feel overwhelming. If you’ll be accompanying your child to a national or regional dance competition for the first time, be sure to read the following to know a little bit of what to expect at a Star Systems dance competition.

Know Where To Be And When

In general, you will receive a performance list that outlines the intended order of performances. You will be in the audience for most of the competition, and report backstage three routines prior to your performance slot. Occasionally some changes will be made, so when in doubt listen to the staff at the event who can help solidify your position.

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Put The Camera Away During Performances

We know you are so proud of your child and want to immortalize the performance with some pictures you snap on your iPhone. However, this could get your child disqualified. This is in the best interest of everybody. This prevents dancers from getting distracted, and protects the creative property of choreographers who spend grueling time creating a unique routine. The last thing a choreographer or dance instructor wants is their routine being spread all over YouTube for an unethical dance teacher to steal for their own competition.

No Coaching During Performance

We expect dancers to be prepared for competition, and therefore do not allow parents or dance teachers to “coach” from the audience. Ensure that your dancers can perform their routine during practice without your help or input.

Bring Snacks But Only Eat Where Allowed

Most of our venues do not allow food or drinks inside the auditorium. This helps to keep the rented space clean. Pack some healthy snacks like bananas, granola bars, and string cheese, and if needed, exit the auditorium well before your performance slot to eat a snack before coming back in.

Have Fun

We know we just laid a few rules on you, but this is all to ensure that the venue is comfortable and the performances go off without a hitch. At the end of the day, if you have questions about what to do or where to be, ask one of our friendly staff members. Remember that this is meant to be a fun learning experience for both you and your dancers. The days might be long and maybe even a little hectic at times. Take time to reinforce the idea to your performers that their goal should be to do their best and not to focus on winning or losing. The whole point of dancing, after all, is to enjoy yourself. So, Mom and Dad, keep your cool. Know that everything is going to work out, and encourage your kiddos to keep their heads up and enjoy every moment of the experience.

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