Kids are natural dancers. Even babies bounce around to music and toddlers love grooving in the car. While kids naturally learn to move to music and have fun while doing it, participating in dance lessons and kid’s dance competitions offers a wide spectrum of benefits.

Star Systems sees thousands of young dancers every year compete in our national and regional dance competitions all over the country. That means we get to see first-hand just how beneficial dancing can be for children and teenagers. Below, we’ve listed just a few of the advantages that dance can provide for kids. Keep reading to learn more!

Dancing is good exercise.

Just like adults, kids need exercise. While many children get plenty of exercise while running around the playground at recess, dance offers a more tailored type of exercise. Not only do children get their heart rate up during dance lessons, but they also gain flexibility and muscle control.

Dancing helps kids socialize.

Any type of sport or extracurricular can help children grow their social skills, but dance is a particularly good way to do so. Children get to meet and interact with other local kids who don’t go to the same school, and often end up in classes with older or younger kids as well. This helps them to gain necessary social skills and learn how to interact with other kids, their parents, and instructors. They also learn to work as a team, how to encourage their teammates, and how to perform in front of an audience, especially if they’re heading to a kid’s dance competition soon.

Dancing helps improve motor and cognitive skills.

For young children, developing motor skills early can help them be more coordinated throughout their entire lives. Dance not only helps with basic motor skills like balance, but also helps with fine motor skills like positioning their fingers and toes in certain ways.

At the same time, dancing helps to improve cognitive function as well. Dancing involves memorizing specific movements that involve the entire body. Your feet need to be positioned this way, your hands need to be positioned that way, and don’t forget to keep your chin up, your toes pointed, and your legs straight. That’s a lot for a kiddo to remember! Because dance involves memorizing and executing all of these steps, it’s as good of a mental exercise as it is physical.

Dancing can improve self-esteem.

One reason that children and teens struggle with self-esteem issues is that they don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Especially as they hit growth spurts, they can feel clumsy and awkward. Taking dance lessons can give them more control over their body and help them realize all of the amazing things their body and brain can do. Taking those skills to dance competitions can also help to boost their confidence.

Dancing can help kids in school.

Learning to dance involves paying attention to an instructor, following their directions, responding to feedback, and becoming better. Sounds a lot like school, right? Whether your child knows it or not, taking dance lessons will give them critical learning skills that they can take right back to the classroom.

Ready to dance your heart out in an upcoming competition? Check out our regional comps here!

Discover More Benefits At Our Dance Competitions!

Dancing offers a ton of benefits for children, and those benefits can be extended when they compete in kids dance competitions. Dance competitions give children the opportunity to challenge themselves, network with professionals in the industry, and gain the vital skill of winning and losing gracefully.

Check out our full list of dance competitions in 2019 to find a dance competition near you! If you’ve been Googling “dance competitions near me,” you’ll be happy to know that Star Systems hosts dance competitions all over the country from New Jersey to Florida to California and everywhere in between! We can’t wait to see you at an upcoming dance competition!