Dance competitions are a place where dancers can come together and show off their skills and what they have learned during the year – but it also an opportunity in itself to learn something new. At Star Systems Talent, we like to create a fun, low-stress, family-friendly environment at our dance competitions across the country. While these are competitions, we hope that our dancers take more from it than simply a title or a trip to Nationals.

In today’s blog, we’re going to offer up five things we think dancers will take away from our dance competitions. If you, your dance student, or your child is interested in competing in a regional dance competition, you’re in luck! Star Systems has upcoming local dance competitions across the country from New Jersey to California. We recently announced our list of 2019 dance competitions, so be sure to check that out and get registered ASAP! Otherwise, keep reading to see what your dancer could learn at a dance competition!

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5 Things Dancers Learn At Competitions

  1. How To Roll With The Punches: Whether someone in your group sprains their ankle before going on stage, your music cuts out halfway through your routine, or you forgot a vital part of your costume at home, the show must go on. You’ve worked too hard for this moment and you can’t let the little (or big) things get you down. Understand that it is better to hit the stage one dancer short or without your hairpiece rather than to not hit the stage at all.
  2. How To Deal With Performance Anxiety And Stage Fright: Everyone gets nervous before they go on stage, but one thing that dancers know is that if you can just push past that anxiety and get on stage, you walk off stage feeling amazing. At competitions, you will learn that you are stronger than your nerves and that you’ll not regret getting up on stage.
  3. A Few New Moves: Watching others compete is one of the best ways to learn something new. When everyone is bringing their best, you know there are going to be a few things you have never seen or even considered. Encourage your dancers to watch other teams not as their competition, but as their fellow dancers who they could learn something from.
  4. How To Win (And Lose) Gracefully: Being judged after putting your heart out on the stage is difficult, especially when you’ve been looking forward to this moment all year. Teaching your dancers how to celebrate gracefully rather than boastfully and how to deal with defeat with their heads held high takes practice, and the more real practice they get at dance competitions, the better they will become at these vital life skills.
  5. The Importance Of Giving Your All, All Of The Time: Winning doesn’t happen on competition day. Winning happens during those long hours at the dance studio when the whole team agrees to stay late to help one dancer perfect a complicated move, or when they give every practice 110 percent, even though it’s only in front of their instructor and now a panel of judges. And of course, regardless of how the last practice went, it is vital to give it your all when you hit the stage at your dance competition. If you do and you don’t place, you can at least leave knowing you couldn’t have done better. If you don’t place and you’ve been goofing around at practices and didn’t take the time to warm up, then you’ll leave knowing you could have put in more effort and maybe things would be different.

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Just like any sport, dancing is full of valuable life lessons that dancers, instructors, and parents take away when they leave. Like we mentioned above, at Star Systems, our main goal is that you have fun and enjoy your experience so you can be a life-long dancer. We are right in the midst of Nationals, meaning that those individual dancers and teams that did not advance to Nationals are busy practicing for the next round of regional dance competitions. We welcome dancers of all ages at our competitions and allow performances from a variety of dance styles. Read our dance competitions rules and guidelines here, and then head over to our Regionals page to find an upcoming dance competition near you!