Most of the students competing in our kid’s dance competitions are just about to be out of school for summer break! That means that the older kids will likely be looking for new TV shows to hold their attention between dance lessons and beach days. Thankfully, there are a ton of shows that are all about dancing! In today’s blog, we’re going to take some time to highlight some of our favorite dance-themed television programs from the last few decades.

Our Favorite Dance-Themed TV Shows

Dancing With The Stars: When you ask anyone to name a dance-themed TV show, nine times out of ten they will go straight to Dancing With The Stars, as it is one of the few still currently on the air — not to mention it seems to be on year-round and is in its 27th season. Notable stars appearing on the dance competition show include Mario Lopez, Mel B, Kim Kardashian, Zendaya, Alfonso Ribeiro, and Bindi Irwin.

Strictly Come Dancing: This British show is the original Dancing With The Stars from which the American show was adapted. With familiar judges like Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, fans of Dancing With The Stars will feel right at home watching the Strictly dance competitions.  While American viewers might not recognize the celebrities on Strictly, let’s be honest — we all watch it for the dancing anyway.

Bring It!: This Lifetime reality dance competition show is set in Jackson, Mississippi and follows renowned dance troupe, Miss D’s Dancing Dolls. The team consists of children aged 10-17, and there are also younger dancers featured on the show. Miss D’s dance troupe won over 15 Grand Champion titles, dozens of trophies, and multiple other accolades for their exceptional skill. This show is great for young dancers looking to see what they themselves could achieve with hard work and dedication. They get to watch real kids and teens dance their way through competitions just like they are doing. Talk about inspiring!

Shake It Up: This Disney Channel show is perfect for younger dancers to learn some cool moves and be inspired as they watch Zendaya and Bella Thorne reach their dreams of becoming professional dancers. In the show, the two actresses and talented dancers play teens who earn the roles of backup dancers on a local television show.

The Next Step: This Canadian teen drama series is filmed in a mockumentary style and follows a group of young teen dancers who attend the fiction Next Step Dance Studio. The show focuses heavily on the group’s participation in regional and national dance competitions, where they often come in as the underdog and have to outperform their competitors to get on top. There is certainly some relatable content in this series!

Fame: Taking a step away from modern-day, this hit 80s TV show follows a group of high schoolers at a fictional New York performing arts school. Each character has special talents, from singing to dancing to comedy and they all work hard to fulfill their ambitions of making it big.

American Bandstand: Going even further into the past, American Bandstand was one of the first dance competition based television shows and started in the early 1950s. The show encompasses decades of popular dance styles and it is an amazing way to visually follow how dance evolved over the years. The best part is, unlike other dance competition shows, this one features regular teens just like the dancers we see at Star Systems Talent competitions!

Soul Train: Soul Train first aired in 1971 and continued to run for 35 dance-filled years. The show focussed heavily on R&B and hip-hop dance and music, but also featured funk, jazz, disco, and gospel-inspired moves and tunes. Both Soul Train and Bandstand reached their peak popularities around the same time which caused some tension. Thankfully both shows were incredibly successful and provide hundreds of hours of inspiring dance moves!

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