There are certain dance genres that moved across the world such as ballet, hip-hop, and jazz. There are even more specific dance styles that are popular and well-respected in the dance competition world such as the Waltz, the Tango, and the Charleston. And then, there are dance moves that are often associated with a single performer. And while others may try to imitate, most often these iconic dance moves can be traced back to a famous face.

At Star Systems Talent, we offer the best dance competitions for kids and teens across the United States. From dance competitions in Las Vegas to dance competitions in New York, and many, many more in between, we have the stages for your dancers to shine on. Keep reading to learn about some iconic dance moves that we often see on the stage, or check out our list of upcoming dance competitions to get registered!

Iconic Dance Moves

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk

The King Of Pop had several shocking dance moves ranging from the – how should we put this – crotch-grab to the Thriller dance, but none baffled those who saw it as much as the moonwalk. It takes skill, dedication, and precision to look like you’re floating across the stage.

Elvis’ Pelvis Moves

When Elvis got on stage and gyrated his hips, it was enough to make people everywhere think that rock and roll was the devil’s doing. By today’s standards, Elvis’s moves were admittedly pretty tame, but enough to still make him go down in dance history.

Madonna’s Vogue

When the music video for Vogue came out in 1990, Madonna convinced the world to move to the music. The music video was filmed in a black and white 1920s style and consisted of Madonna and other dancers voguing – doing a series of intricate sharp fashion poses like they were on a runway in Milan.

Beyonce’s Single Ladies

Whether you’re a single lady or not, Beyonce’s Single Ladies dance had us all feeling like one in the best way possible! The leotards, the coordination, the simplicity of three women dancing in an empty room! The main moves consisted of turning your hand back and forth to show that, yes, if they liked it, they should have put a ring on it.

Modern Dance Crazes Go Viral

While many of the moves above are recognizable and withstand the test of time, you might be surprised if kids in a few years stare blankly when you ask about any of the following moves:

Psy’s Gangnam Style

When Korean pop star, Psy, released his instantly viral music video for Gangnam Style, the internet went insane. The original music video has over 3 billion views on Youtube, and the catchy tune has a unique dance accompanying it. Though, don’t think that Psy’s horse-trotting moves are full of hot air. They actually contain some classic foxtrot foot movements! This is a good move to keep in your back pocket, as you will undoubtedly hear this song at every wedding you attend. Ever. Seriously. Op- Op- Oppa Gangnam Style!

The Harlem Shake

One of the earlier internet-meme dance crazes, The Harlem Shake peaked in 2013 and is achieved by pretending to go about your normal business and shaking like you’re covered in ants when the beat drops.

Whip/Nae Nae

This dance craze was particularly popular for several months because it’s so easy to do – though, no promises everyone will look as cool as Silento doing it. Viral videos of babies, grandmas, teachers, dads, and everybody else dotted every corner of the internet. The move is pretty simple: wait for the chorus of the song and when they say “whip,” you whip and when they say “nae nae,” you nae nae. Okay, maybe just looking up the music video would explain it better.

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