Dance intensives are pretty much exactly what they sound like: a very intense dance event. And while they are incredibly fun, exciting, and fast-paced, they are also an amazing learning experience for your young dancers where they will get to learn from the best in the industry.

Our fall dance intensives are happening in three cities (Columbus, Charlotte, and Worcester) and there will be students of all ages from all over the country who travel to this one-day event. They do this because they know they’ll leave with more than a few new moves or words of advice. In fact, we’ve listed 7 reasons to attend a dance intensive below!

7 Reasons To Attend A Fall Dance Intensive

1. Be taught by the best in the industry

This is, for many, the biggest reason to attend a fall dance intensive. It’s one of those times your students get to be taught by someone other than their studio teacher and it might be just what they need to reignite their passion for dance. This year, we’re welcoming David Mann, Jeffrey Louizia, Victoria Pizzo, and Melody Lacayanga as teachers at our intensive. All of these dancers have TV or music video credits, or have worked with big-name artists like Miley Cyrus, Paula Abdul, Adam Lambert, and the Black Eyed Peas. What’s more exciting than that?!

2. Add it to your dancing resume

If your students plan to go to a performing arts school or dance academy, having more than just dance competitions under their belts will set them apart from other applicants. Even those who do not choose to pursue further education in dance will benefit from being able to show that they put time and effort into their passions.

3. Experience dance as a career option

All of our intensive teachers have made careers out of dance and show your dancers that with the right attitude, skill, and training they can too. Many young dancers are bursting with talent, but have the mindset of, “I enjoy doing dance competitions but I don’t want to be a professional dancer.” Sure, a career in dance isn’t for everyone, but it’s possible these dancers simply have not met enough professional dancers to consider it as a career.

4. It’s a learning experience for your studio

If your dance classes seem to be in a bit of a rut, it’s not your fault. Sometimes this happens regardless of how many industry-leading techniques you use to teach them. Bringing any of your dancers who are serious about performing to a dance intensive can be just what they need to get over that hurdle.

5. It gives students the opportunity to learn with older students

While competitions have relatively strict age guidelines, we are able to be more lenient with our dance intensives. We have created a typical age range for the classes (Mini is 8 years old and younger, Junior is 9-12, and Teen/Senior is 13-18). However, if you have a young dancer in your class who is just leagues above their peers or who you think could really benefit from a bigger challenge, you can move him or her into an older group where classes will be more advanced.

6. It’s a great place to network

While our ‘Mini’ dancers might not be thinking about networking at a dance intensive, the older ones should be! If your dancers are going to be applying for college soon or are trying to get their foot in the door of the professional dance world, this could be a great opportunity for them! It might even be worth it to take some time to teach them what you know about networking and give them the confidence they need to make connections with the pros.

7. You can experience new dance styles

This can mean a slight change from traditional to contemporary ballet, or it could be as drastic as a hip-hop dancer experiencing ballet. There are so many nuances in dance, and perhaps you have a dancer who is struggling to excel in ballet but they have never tried tap. Intensives are jam-packed with all sorts of dance styles and it might help your dancers find new passions and talents. Because our teachers are professionally trained and have a deep understanding of a wide swath of dance styles, this is the perfect place for your students to try new things.

Join Us For A Dance Intensive This Fall!

Our intensives are coming up quick, so make sure you are registered! Join us in Columbus, Ohio on October 28th; Charlotte, North Carolina on November 4th; or Worcester, Massachusetts on November 11th!

Star Systems Talent dance intensives will be fun, face-paced, informative, and give your dancers practical experience trying new and complicated moves. If you have any questions about attending an intensive, feel free to reach out! We’d love to welcome your whole studio to this exciting event!