Balance is one of the most important skills a dancer can develop. Even if you know every move by heart, if you’re wobbly up on stage or fall over, it can cost you the competition. Below, Star Systems is offering up five quick tips to improve your balance so you are ready for your upcoming dance competitions!

5 Ways To Get Better Balance

  1. Ditch the mirror – Mirrors in dance studios are important for ensuring you are moving right, but you won’t have a mirror at a dance competition. For this reason, it is important to not only practice your routine without a mirror, but also practice balancing without a mirror. Your mirror might be a crutch without you even realizing it.
  2. Don’t forget about your core – While your ankles and calves play a major role in balancing, so does your core. Your core will be what helps to keep your entire upper body stable so your feet and ankles have less work to do. Good core exercises include crunches, bicycles, planks, and leg lifts.
  3. Push yourself to the limit – If you can balance while doing something extreme, you can balance while moving through a dance routine. Try balancing with your eyes closed, for example. Or, balance on one leg and see how far you can lean off of your axis before you can’t right yourself again. Don’t be afraid to fall over. If you never fall, you’re never know how far you can go.
  4. Practice all the time – Practice makes perfect, especially when it involves training your muscles. Find opportunities throughout the day to practice balancing. For example, see how long you can balance in a certain position while watching TV or stand on one foot in the hallway while you’re waiting for the bell to ring for class — hey, maybe you can get the other kids to join you!
  5. Try yoga – If there is one sport or exercise that focuses more on balance than dance, it might just be yoga. YouTube is full of follow-along yoga videos that are free and that you can do without any equipment. Consider waking up fifteen minutes early each day and practicing yoga. Or, grab the whole family and do yoga together after dinner each night!
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Show Off Your Balance At A Star Systems Dance Competition

Impress the judges at your next dance competition by being as stable and sturdy as a statue! Star Systems offers national and regional dance competitions all over the country from New York to California and everywhere in between! Check out our list of dance competitions in 2019 and register for the one nearest you! In the meantime, use the tips above to improve your balance so you’re ready to compete!