1. 7 Reasons To Attend A Dance Intensive

    Dance intensives are pretty much exactly what they sound like: a very intense dance event. And while they are incredibly fun, exciting, and fast-paced, they are also an amazing learning experience for your young dancers where they will get to learn from the best in the industry. Our fall dance inten…Read More

  2. How To Prepare For Dance Competitions During The Off-Season

    How To Prepare For Dance Competitions During The Off-Season

    Just like with all major sports, the world of dance competitions has a “season.” Competition season typically starts with regional dance competitions in late December or January, and continue through the spring. National dance competitions will generally pick up in early summer and go through Ju…Read More

  3. Famous Dancers Who Influenced The Industry

    Famous Dancers Who Influenced The Industry

    All dancers know that one of the best ways to learn something new is by studying someone else. Throughout the last century, there have been dozens of famous dancers who have left behind a legacy of skill, artistry, and bold determination to make a name for themselves and share their love of dance wi…Read More

  4. 7 Iconic Dance Moves That Took The World By Storm

    There are certain dance genres that moved across the world such as ballet, hip-hop, and jazz. There are even more specific dance styles that are popular and well-respected in the dance competition world such as the Waltz, the Tango, and the Charleston. And then, there are dance moves that are often …Read More

  5. Four Tricks To Calm Your Nerves Before Hitting The Stage

    Going up on stage to perform in front of everyone can be nerve-wracking, especially for young performers. Registering for a dance competition is an exciting time, but sometimes it can feel scary when you’re about to go on stage. But don’t worry, there are a few tricks you can use to overcome sta…Read More