Regionals 2021 – By Month

Current 2021 dates are below. Remainder of dates for 2021 will be posted soon.

Our regional and local dance competitions are an opportunity for solo dancers and groups to participate in a talent competition without needing to travel too far. As you can see, we have nationwide dance competitions all over the country, from Redondo Beach in California to Rochester in New York, and from Minneapolis in Minnesota to Houston in Texas, and just about everywhere in between. So whether you are looking for dance competitions in Connecticut or dance competitions in Florida, Star Systems will be there. To participate, find a talent competition near you and click “register now” to head to the registration page. Be sure to read through our Competition Rules for specific details, deadlines, and more. If you have any questions about our dance competitions, be sure to contact us as soon as possible.



We have changed our pay policy for the 2021 season. The registration deadline is now 30 days in advance. Payment date will now be 15 days prior to an event. We will not accept personal or business checks less than 15 days prior to an event. No payments will be accepted at an event.


Our 2021 events will be held in one of the following options:
OPTION 1 – REGULAR SCHEDULE – This is the schedule we are all familiar with, and we hope to do as many events as possible under our Regular event scheduling.

OPTION 2- HYBRID – This is our preferred schedule if we are forced to do an alternate schedule. Solos from all studios will compete together with 1 parent in attendance. Mini solos followed by Junior,Teen,Senior soloists. Adjudication/Overall Award Ceremony will take place after each age division is complete Social distancing will be followed for dressing rooms and audience members. All duet/trios and groups for the rest of the event will then be done in BLOCK schedule. There will be some limitations to audience attendees, that will be decided prior to the event.

OPTION 3- BLOCK SCHEDULE – This is the schedule, which allows one studio in at a time, with 2 parents per family. This event will be live streamed off our website.
Teachers please refer to your account inside the registration area for additional information regarding deposits, payment and scheduling.
Deposits are not required, but are preferred. Deposits are 100% refundable ONLY if the Venue is closed.