Regionals 2020

Hello Studio Owners, Parents and Dancers!

We thought we would give you some updated guidelines as we move through this “pause” in our regular schedule for competition.

We will be performing in a BLOCK SCHEDULE, which means one studio in the venue at a time. We will allow 2 parents per family in the venue.
There is no exception to this rule.

Masks are optional, except in states where they are mandated. No points will be deducted for masks on the dancers. All our staff, with the exception of judges will be wearing masks. All staff and judges will have their temperature taken prior to each day start. Any one backstage will require a mask, this includes prop parents.

Unfortunately we cannot allow Grandparents or siblings in our events this summer. There is no exception to this rule. We will be live streaming each event, so family members unable to attend will still have the opportunity to see their dancer perform on stage. If a grandparent is a custodial parent, please contact us in regards to the protocol we will be following.

After each studio performs, the seats, restrooms, dressing rooms will be cleaned and sanitized. Deep cleaning by the venue, will take place over night. The venue will provide sanitizing stations.

The protocol for awards will be as follows: Each dancer will receive their adjudication award as they walk off stage. For groups please select one dancer or teacher to remain just a few minutes longer to receive the adjudication awards. When possible we will still do special awards.

Overall awards will be held at the end of the weekend with only one representative in the audience from each studio to receive the overall awards. We cannot ship overall awards after the event is over. The overall awards will be live stream.

We recommend that studio owners check temperatures of dancers and parents before entering the venue. Please do not allow anyone to
attend the event that has not been feeling well for the past 7 days

Because your studio will only be there for a few hours, we recommend that you bring small bottles of water in the building. No soft drinks
or food will be allowed anywhere in the building most especially the dressing rooms.

We cannot wait to see all of you soon! Studio owners if you have any questions please email

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