Regionals 2020

Hello Studio Owners, Parents and Dancers!

We thought we would give you some general guidelines as we move through this temporary situation of self distancing and gathering issues.

Of course we will have to address gathering guideline issues city by city ,as we approach each event this summer, and we will comply with what
each state has set in place. This is a very fluid issue in each state right now, so we cannot give you set information at this time.
The venues, will also be providing us with guidelines they are following in regards to custodians, sanitizing stations and the additional
duties they will be taking on as far as cleaning hard surfaces during the event, and overnight sanitation after we leave the building.

Our re-booked summer events will be live stream, including the award ceremony. The protocol for awards will be as follows:

The dancers will receive their adjudication award as they walk off stage. For groups this will mean you need to appoint one dancer that will
remain just a few seconds longer backstage to pick up group awards. The rest of the group may exit the area immediately. Overall awards,
will not have anyone in the audience. Studios will select one dancer or one teacher to be onstage to accept the overall awards for each studio.
They will be supplied with a box to put the awards in. If the weather cooperates we plan on having a big screen outside so that families can
watch the overall awards and the competition. It will be expected that you remain in a gathering with your own studio as those are the people
you have been with for the past several weeks. However, being live streamed, you could watch from your car, or the comfort of your home
should you choose to leave the competition.

Unfortunately at this time we will not allow any grandparents to attend our events. We love all our family members that come to visit us, and
look forward to seeing them at regionals every year, however at this time we think it is in the best interest if grandparents remain at home and
watch the event on live stream. We fully understand there are Grandparents who are the custodial parent.
They will need to see if another parent in the studio will help with their dancer, or find another family member to take the child to the event.
There will be no exceptions to this rule. We will not allow a grandparent to be in the dressing rooms or audience to assist their dancer.

A maximum of 2 family members will be allowed at the event. There is no exception to this rule. This means, we cannot allow siblings to be at the event.
Please accept our apology in advance regarding this issue as well, however, once again, we think for the safety and benefit of everyone we would like the attending parents to focus on the dancers competing that weekend.

These guidelines will be updated as we move closer to the event, however many of you have contacted us regarding what our general protocol will be.

Everyone please enjoy the opening of your studios and the reuniting of these wonderful Studio Owners and Teachers who love these dancers, and have
missed them so much over the past 2 months.

Our regional and local dance competitions are an opportunity for solo dancers and groups to participate in a talent competition without needing to travel too far. As you can see, we have nationwide dance competitions all over the country, from Redondo Beach in California to Rochester in New York, and from Minneapolis in Minnesota to Houston in Texas, and just about everywhere in between. So whether you are looking for dance competitions in Connecticut or dance competitions in Florida, Star Systems will be there. To participate, find a talent competition near you and click “register now” to head to the registration page. Be sure to read through our Competition Rules for specific details, deadlines, and more. If you have any questions about our dance competitions, be sure to contact us as soon as possible.