2022 Competition Guidelines

We have 36 categories and 9 age divisions. Types of entries are solo, duet/trio, small (4-9) and large (10-18) groups and lines (19 or more) Age groups are: 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10-12, 13-15, 16-18, 19-25, 26-39 and 40 and over. For duet/trios, groups and lines, the average age of your group determines the age group that you enter. When averaging ages, you drop the decimal. All group routines compete at the National Finals in the age group qualified in at regional. Contestants will be responsible for producing proof of age to the director, should a question arise.

AGES – Group Ages are birthdates as of January 1. Solo and Duet/Trio Ages are birthdates as of the regional competition. All routines compete at Nationals in the age group they qualified in at regionals.

Soloist will be limited to 3 solos.  A dancer can only compete 3 solos at a regional or national event.

In Group Divisions, if one third of the group is more than 2 years older than the category average age, the registration system will automatically move the routine to the higher age group. Example: If a group average age is 10-12 and one third of the dancers are 15 years old or older, this group must compete in the 13-15-year-old age division. No children under the age of 3 may appear onstage in a group routine. Any child 2 years or younger than the average age, must perform in 50% of the routine. Example: If a group average age is 10-12 and there is a 5-year-old in the routine, the 5-year-old must perform in 50% of the routine. Young children may not be used as a “prop”, they must dance.

All Protests must be submitted by a teacher or studio owner only. Protests are not accepted from parents. The protest must be in writing, signed and received by the regional director within 30 minutes of the incident. Any routine that is protested due to an age discrepancy must provide birth certificates at the time of protest. Failure to produce age documentation could result in disqualification of routines. In order to submit a protest, you must have a routine in the age group/category which is being challenged. We do not accept protest from parents of dancers.

TAP, JAZZ, LYRICAL, OPEN, and CONTEMPORARY SOLOS – These categories only will be entered in the following age groups:

3-4, 5-6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17-18, 19-25, 26-39, 40&Over.

TINY AGE GROUP – age 6 and Under. They will have only one level of SHINING STAR.

We offer THREE levels of competition for the MINI (7-9), JUNIOR (10-12), TEEN (13-15), SENIOR (16-18), and ADULT (19&Over) age groups. The LEVELS are SHINING STAR, SHOOTING STAR & SUPER STAR.

*SHINING STAR – is defined as dancers that take 3 hours or less of class per week with a limit of 7 routines.

*SHOOTING STAR – is defined as dancers that take 5 hours or less of class per with a limit of 10 routines.

*SUPER STAR – is defined as dancers that take more than 5 hours of class per week.

The registration keeps track of how many routines a child is entered in.  If the child appears in more routines then is acceptable for the level, the registration system bumps the dancer  up to the correct level.

Group routines may level up if request is received in writing 2 weeks prior to the event.

Failure to register a child for group routines could result in adjudication only for the routine. We have assigned a judge in 2022 to count dancers in groups. Please check your roster carefully for each routine prior to competition. Please check your Roster to be sure all dancers are listed in group routines. 


BALLET/POINTE solos  are FREE for 2022

There are no levels for VOCAL, MODELING or PHOTOGENIC. They are scored on Shooting Star level.

TAP – Routine should contain tap technique. 3 acrobatic tricks allowed.

JAZZ – Routine should contain jazz technique, “funk” moves may be incorporated within. 3 acrobatic tricks are allowed.

LYRICAL – Routine should utilize lyrical style to show extension, balance, as well as showing an interpretation of the music. 3 acrobatic tricks allowed.

CONTEMPORARY – Routine should utilize contemporary style to show extension, balance, as well as showing an interpretation of the music. 3 acrobatic tricks allowed.

MODERN – Abstract in nature, modern dance style. No acrobatic tricks allowed.

BALLET – Routine should contain ballet technique while incorporating classical movements. No acrobatic tricks allowed.

POINTE – Routine should consist of pointe technique, incorporating classical movements. No acrobatic tricks allowed.

HIP-HOP – Street style of dance that includes Hip/Hop and Funk choreography. Acrobatic tricks are allowed.

SONG & DANCE – Routine should contain vocal exhibition and any style of dance (jazz, tap, etc) Song & Dance routines must be 50% dance. Background vocals are acceptable only during the chorus of the song. A 1-point deduction for additional vocals in Song & Dance will be taken by the judges. All Song & Dance contestants must use the microphones provided by Star Systems; personal sound equipment is not allowed.

VOCAL – Routine should show pitch, range, etc. Background vocals are acceptable on vocal tapes only during the chorus of the song. All vocalists must use microphones provided by Star Systems; personal sound equipment is not allowed.

GYMNASTIC – Routine should contain at least 2 multiple tumbling passes, (i.e. round off back handspring and a back tuck) aerial work or hand balancing. Gym routines should contain less dance than an acrobatic routine.

ACROBATIC – Routine should show controlled moves such as headstands, walk-overs, tensicas, and contortion work. Acrobatic routines must contain dance choreography. Acrobatic routines should not contain more than (2) aerial tricks, nor more than (2) multiple tumbling passes. This category should be used for contortionists and tumblers who cannot execute multiple tumbling passes.

CLOGGING – Routine should show clogging (or buck) technique. 3 acrobatic tricks are allowed.

CHARACTER CATEGORY – Contestants must establish character without musical assistance.

CHARACTER BALLET – Routine incorporating ballet technique while portraying a recognizable character. 3 acrobatic tricks are allowed.

CHARACTER ACRO/GYM – Acrobatic or Gymnastic routine where contestant portrays a recognizable character. Routine should be 50 % dance.

CHARACTER CLOGGING – Clogging routine where contestant portrays a recognizable character. 3 acrobatic tricks are allowed.

CHARACTER TAP – Routine should primarily be tap technique while portraying a recognizable character. 3 acrobatic tricks are allowed.

CHARACTER JAZZ – Routine which contains jazz technique while portraying a recognizable character. 3 acrobatic tricks are allowed.

CHARACTER LYRICAL – Routine should portray a recognizable character, and use contemporary style to show extension, balance, as well as an interpretation of the music. 3 acrobatic tricks are allowed.

OPEN – Any routine with a combination of dance styles. May include acrobatic tricks but should not be more than 50% acrobatic. Vocal routines may enter in the open category.

ETHNIC – Routine consisting of ethnic or folkloric technique.

MUSICAL THEATRE – Routine featuring any style of dance from a Broadway show. No singing permitted in this category. 3 acrobatic tricks are allowed.

TITLE CATEGORY – Title has its own overall.  It is an open category, so a dancer may enter a solo of any genre in Title, other than Song&Dance or Vocal.

Title is Shooting Star and Super Star Levels.

Soloist can only enter 1 dance in title.


Petite Miss, Little Mr. Star Systems – Ages 7, 8, 9 

Junior Miss, Junior Mr. Star Systems – Ages 10, 11, 12

Teen Miss, Teen Mr. Star Systems – Ages 13, 14, 15

Senior Miss, Senior Mr. Star Systems – Ages 16, 17, 18

PRODUCTION LARGE GROUP – Routine must contain at least 15 performers and may incorporate any style of dance including acrobatics.

PRODUCTION LINE- Routine must have at least 19 performers and may incorporate any style of dance including acrobatics.

EXTENDED PRODUCTION – Routine must contain at least 19 performers and may incorporate any style of dance including acrobatics.

OPEN PRO/AM – Any duet/trio or group including amateur performers and at least one professional. PROFESSIONAL – A professional under Star Systems description shall be considered anyone 19 years of age or older that has received public recognition and/or payment for competitive choreography.

PHOTOGENIC – Solo photograph must be (1) 8×10 color or black and white head or full length shot. Photos MUST be marked on the back with name, age, and studio in order to be accepted. PHOTOGRAPHS MUST BE ENTERED BY STUDIO ONLINE PRIOR TO COMPETITION.


A Solo Contestant cannot compete against himself/herself in any category in the same age group. Duet/trios, groups, lines must contain at least (1) different person in order to compete in the same category, same age group.


SOLOS – 2:45 minutes

DUET/TRIOS – 3:00 minutes

SMALL GROUPS – 3:30 minutes

LARGE GROUPS – 4:00 minutes



MUSIC:  You must upload your music to our site and assign it accordingly.  Please bring back up music on a USB.  We no longer accept music on CD.   Please review all your music, we are not responsible for quality of music from any devices.

METHOD OF ADJUDICATION – Each judge will score on technique, showmanship, execution and overall performance with each judge giving a possible total of 100 points. With our scoring system there is a possibility of multiple Superstar, Platinum, Elite High Gold and High Gold achievements.  Contestants that receive a “Superstar”  “Platinum” or “Elite High Gold” are allowed to compete at our National Finals. Scoring breakdown for awards can be found in the back inside cover of our program book.

Video critiques for each routine, from each judge, will be uploaded to the studio account on Monday evening following the competition. These will be available on the studio account for 30 days. This is media made for educational purposes and is copyrighted and CANNOT be reproduced. These are run live, and we are not responsible for technical difficulties a judge may encounter with video and/or audio equipment during an event.

Incomplete routines may not compete a 2nd time for a score, unless interruption of routine was due to technical difficulties, or other necessity deemed appropriate by a Star Systems Director. Director’s decision is final. Routines performed a 2nd time, will be for adjudication only.

All types of media capturing devices are strictly prohibited. This includes, but not limited to: video cameras, cell phones, iPads, or other tablets.

No still photography allowed! Failure to comply with this rule could result in disqualifications. If video cameras or any other type of recording devices are found in the auditorium, we reserve the right to take the media being recorded.

Routine numbers and a time schedule will be posted in the teacher section of our online registration 8 days prior to competition. No changes can be made to routines after the 15 day deadline, please check your registration carefully.

We only accept registration via our online registration system. Registration must be entered 40 days in advance to receive a discount. Fees must be paid 30 days in advance. Please note there is a 4% convenience fee for using a credit card. You may send a wire transfer to avoid the fee.  If an event is SOLD OUT, and we have a waiting list, studios will be contacted and required to put down 25% deposit, if you wish to remain in the event. Teachers check inside the registration area for additional information on deadlines, payments, and available discount.

ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING, EATING OR DRINKING IN THE DRESSING AREA OR AUDITORIUM!  Most venues have the right to ask a studio to leave the competition, at any time, if the dressing rooms have not been kept clean.

The following awards will be given in 5 DIVISIONS: TINY (3, 4, 5, 6) MINI (7, 8, 9) JUNIOR (10, 11, 12) TEEN (13,14, 15) SENIOR (16, 17, 18)


All levels of TOP SOLOIST receive an OVERALL TROPHY, TOP SOLO jacket, and a TEACHER PLAQUE.

All levels of duet/trio performances receive an OVERALL TROPHY, TOP TEACHER jacket, and a TEACHER PLAQUE.



TOP SOLO               $100 CASH*

TITLE SOLO           $100 CASH*




TOP LINE                $175 CASH*

*all Cash awards are given to the studio owner

SHINING AND SHOOTING STAR Level:  (GC = Gift Certificate)

SOLOS                       $30GC                       

DUET/TRIOS           $35GC


LARGE GROUP      $75GC           

LINE                          $100GC

Because we award the “top 10 soloists”, no solo performer may place more than once in the top 10 overalls at Regional or Nationals.

THE ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – This will be given out to the highest scoring group, on the SHOOTING and SUPER STAR level for 7-12 age group; and 13-18 age group.  Each group will receive a beautiful plaque. Shooting Star groups will receive a $100 gift certificate towards National Final entry fees.  Superstar groups will receive a $200 gift certificate towards National Final entry fees.  These gift certificates may not be used for any other routines.

SUPERSTAR STUDIO AWARD — for Shining, Shooting and Super Star level groups — Each studio’s 5 highest scoring groups, on each respective level, are added together for the composite score to determine our Superstar Studio Award.

The top 3 soloist in Junior, Teen, Senior SUPER STAR level age groups receive an invitation to perform in our opening number of our SUPERSTAR NATIONAL DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS. This does include the Title overall in Junior, Teen, and Senior as well. Opening number female dancers are required to perform in black leggings, and a fitted black top.  Boys should bring black pants, blank tank top. (this could change slightly with the requirements of the choreographer). Dancers receive forms on stage at the regionals.  Opening number forms must be submitted to Star Systems by May 15, 2022.

AWARDS at OUR REGIONAL COMPETITIONS: Each solo and each member of a duet/trio will receive a beautiful custom medallion for their achievement within the category. Each person in a group routine will receive a commemorative pin for their achievement within the category. The group will also receive (1) beautiful custom trophy for PLATINUM or ELITE HIGH GOLD achievement, and (1) beautiful custom award for HIGHGOLD achievement. Group trophies and plaques are designated as studio and/or choreographer awards. They will be announced on stage as CHAMPIONS of their age and category. SPECIAL AWARDS, such as “perfect performance”, “awesome attitude”, etc, are given at each regional for solos and duet/trios. These awards are custom made at each regional event and selected by the judges.

SUPERSTAR ACHIEVEMENT – This is the highest achievement possible at Star Systems. A special trophy is awarded to the solo, duet/trio, or group that receives a Superstar Achievement.

At regionals the Judges will collectively select a CHOREOGRAPHY award for groups on each level. There will be 1 – 12&Under award and 1 – 13&Over award for each level.

At regionals the Judges will also collectively select a JUDGE’S CHOICE award, from all group routines and any level for both the 12&Under and 13&Over groups.

STAR SYSTEMS reserves the right to expand a competition to a multi-day event as well as move the competition site /date due to unforeseen circumstances. Contestants must perform on the day and time designated.


NATIONAL TITLE INFORMATION: At Nationals ONLY contestants will compete in 3 categories with the composite score determining the winner. The 3 categories of competition are:

ON STAGE INTERVIEW (10%): You will be interviewed on stage; each contestant will be asked age appropriate questions. No political or religious questions will be ask.

 ***NEW for 2022*** IMPROV (30%):  Dancer will compete 6, 8 counts of music provided by Star Systems.

DANCE ROUTINE (60%): This will be the dance routine that you qualified in the TITLE division at regional.


1ST PLACE: $300 Cash

2ND PLACE: $200 Cash

3RD PLACE: $100 Cash




NATIONAL routines must contain at least 50% of original members that qualified at regionals. You may change the music and raise the difficulty of regional routines prior to 2022 Nationals. 7-18 Shining and Shooting Star Level Dancers receive gift certificates towards 2023 Regionals.

Inappropriate behavior on behalf of  dancers, teachers, parents, will result in immediate disqualification. Recruiting or attempting to recruit students from another studio is strictly prohibited. Rehearsing of routines is strictly prohibited, with a penalty of 1-point deduction or possible disqualification. We realize one or two at the most “run throughs” are a necessary part of competition and that is permissible. You should report backstage 3 routines prior to your schedule performance. All attempts are made to run in order of the program book; however, some slight changes may be made in order to accommodate costume/make up changes.

NOISEMAKERS OF ANY KIND ARE PROHIBITED.  This includes but not limited to any type of air horn, cow bell, rattle device, whistle, etc. These are a distraction to the judges, dancers, and other parents.

A fee of $50  will be charged for all returned check. After a check has been returned all future entries must be accompanied by a money order or cashier’s check.

Contestants and instructors give their permission to the directors of STAR SYSTEMS to use their pictures or appear on television in connection with advertising or news coverage. By entering STAR SYSTEMS talent competition, all entrants agree that the method and manner of judging shall be at the sole discretion of the directors of STAR SYSTEMS. All judges’ decisions are final.